You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me!

Do you know me ?.

Bonjour . welcome here . Please be nice with me. IM WARNING YOU ! Smile ツ
Bonjour! Welcome here. You don't know me. So don't judge anything 'bout me!Just Keep Calm And Love Me. Have enjoy read this blog!

Nobody Understands!

Yes! This quote make me smile  
Sometimes people love to judge by its cover. they don't know what have been throngh to us.
What they know is, we always make mistake and them always true! Why?

They do not know we're crying at midnight lonely. No one understand! We need to face the problem alone!
Nevertheless, People never ever and forever quiet with super b*tch mouth. Huh.

Why them no to be a best listener to us? It much better. To them and us. 
When they will be quiet??

I'm still waiting!!

See my header , And keep read again and again dear stalker,